Schedule – Half & Full Marathon


In 2017, we only have one training schedule which encompasses both our half marathon and full marathon training programs. It runs from March 18, 2017 through October 8, 2017. Note: the full training schedule will be loaded soon!

For explanations of the terms/notations found on the schedule please read the information below about our workouts. We will also cover these in our weekend seminars. We are using a Google calendar (actually six of them) to present this year’s training schedule. More information about how to import our schedule into your calendar is below.

IMPORTANT: Please read our How to Portland Fit page for details about our training program.

START TIMES: Start times for our Saturday meetings are posted in the calendar on Saturdays. Example: 6mi @ 7:40 means that your group will be doing 6 miles starting at 7:40am. There will be a brief color group meeting, but the group will leave within ten minutes or less of that start time.

Translating Our Training Schedule…
On the weekend we run or walk miles. During the week we train using minutes. Accompanying our weekend mileage on the schedule is your color group’s starting time (8:00 = 8AM). Early in the season everyone begins at 8am, but as we progress we begin to meet earlier to complete our mileage before our group cool down at 9:15a.

Some weeks we deliver a seminar on a training topic. These are brief 15-20 minute discussions and are an important component of the training program. Please try to attend when possible. If a seminar is scheduled for the weekend, you’ll see the subject as a gray appointment on the weekend schedule (apart from your color group schedule).

During the week, you’ll notice some notations describing a variety of workouts. We explain a bit below, but you can also read more detail about these different workouts in our blog posting here.

30/e = 30 minutes easy. This is a training run and should not be conducted at race pace.

Tempo run = is a cardio workout conducted in three segments; run easy, run hard, run easy. The easy sections should be about your weekend long run/walk pace. The “hard” section should be a little bit faster (like 30 seconds to one minute per mile faster). You should be able to hold that faster pace for the entire duration of the “hard” section — it’s not something where you run fast, then slow, then fast, then slow. That’s actually a different workout called a “fartlek.”

40/hill = This workout is conducted as “hill circuits” and not necessarily running a course that has hills on it nor is it running 40 minutes up and down a hill.

An example of a hill circuit:
Hill Circuits, 10 min WU then 4(3min hills+6jog) end with 10 min CD
Hill Circuits, 10 min WU then 4(6min+3rest) end with 10 min CD

WU = warm up
CD = cool down

Track Workout: 8(200mx200m) means run 200 meters hard and 200 meters recovery. Preferably you should be running hard and jogging easy. While it is OK to walk during the recovery, you will benefit more by jogging easy.

Having Trouble Seeing the Schedule Above?

Some users are having trouble seeing our embedded Google Calendars.  In that case, it may be necessary to view them directly:

Green Schedule – Full Program
Yellow Schedule – Full Program
Red Schedule – Full Program
Purple Schedule – Full Program

About Google calendars…
Five calendars? Yes, we’ve got one for our seminars and one for each color group. They are all presented here, but you could click the down arrow in the upper right of the calendar widget and deselect some of them. Bad news: when the page reloads (or on your next visit), the site won’t remember your selection.Good news: separate calendars does mean that you sych just the one you need to your personal calendar. For links to our calendars that you can import into Outlook, Google, or other calendar, please visit our Training Schedule Calendar Links page.

Don’t know your color group?
Don’t worry, we’ll tell you on your first day. If you can’t come out for our Orientation session, just follow the Red schedule until you can attend your first group meeting. The schedules are pretty close for the first few weeks.