Program Format

Portland Fit follows the scientifically tested and proven training methodology of USA FIT. The USA FIT philosophy has created an easy-to-use training program that fosters an atmosphere of support, education and fun.

Color Groups: All members are assigned a color group on their first day. This color-coding mechanism allows for specific coaching, and gives members the chance to meet and train with runners and walkers of similar ability levels. Each color group has its own coach and assistant coaches and its own training schedule. Each member receives a colored shoe tag upon joining the program as proof of membership, to differentiate themselves, and to help identify others in their group.

Purple: Our Walkers!
Red: 10 min+ pace per mile
Yellow: 9min – 10min pace per mile
Green: 8min – 9min pace per mile

*All paces are not “race pace” (as fast as you can go during our initial 3-mile run or walk. Should feel like you could do another mile if required. 

Weekly Meetings: During our season, we meet every week on Saturday mornings. Our season runs from late February through early October. Your start time may depend on your color group (posted on the schedule page). In the beginning, everybody meets at 8:00am, but as the season progresses, these start times may begin to vary and begin to get earlier.

Weekly Seminars: Every week we have an informational seminar. Topics include Hydration, Shoes, Injury Prevention, Psychology of Training, Physiology of Training, Cross Training, and many others. Someone once said that everyone should train for a marathon at least once. The information you learn and the things you discover about yourself along the way are the main reason!