Race Strategy

Here’s a few Suggestions for your Race

Tip #1
If the portapotty lines are long, consider this… It can be fun to head out with everybody when the gun goes off, but in a crowd this big even when the gun blasts you are standing still waiting for the folks ahead of you. But the portapotty lines really clear out when the race starts. And because the race is chip timed, the little computer chip you put on your shoe will mark your time when you do eventually cross the starting line. So even if you start as much as 5 or 10 minutes after the gun goes off, you’ll still get an accurate time. Something to think about if you really have to go before you go-go. Or if you just don’t want to be with the crowd.

Tip #2
Break the race into chunks.  Often the timing mats are at the 10K, ½ Marathon, 20 miles and the finish.  Use these milestones to break the race into smaller sections.

Tip #3
Slow down and walk through the water stops.  This gives your tired legs and more importantly your heart rate a chance to calm down.

Tip #4
Save your energy.  Sure we encourage you to keep up the chit chat on our Saturday workouts but during the Marathon you may want to save your energy and keep the chatter to a minimum.  Not everyone does this however and you may enjoy just listening in on others conversations.  If talking helps you pass the time, don’t worry, just make sure you find someone who contributes to the conversation so you aren’t doing all the talking.

Tip #5
Keep it positive.  Don’t let any doubts creep into your mind.  Think about all our benchmarks and how you persevered in the worst weather, both heat and wind and rain.  Think about ALL the hill work we did and how prepared you are.  If you did your speedwork, know that it is helping you continue on at a good even pace.  Look forward to your PFit coaches and friends cheering like crazy for you between mile 21 & 22.  And finally, picture yourself crossing the finish line…You’re almost there!