Summer Schedule: 7/16-7/22

Our schedule page for our summer half program is now online. Check out this week’s schedule and then learn how to see into the future (for your training schedule). Also learn more about this week’s 4 mile route.

Our schedule is now available here –> Summer Half Marathon Training Schedule.

A couple of things to note. We’re still meeting at 8am, but in a week or two, we’ll begin to meet a little bit earlier. This is because our runs and walks get longer and we want to beat the heat and get out on the roads. So keep an eye on Saturday start times. They appear on the calendar on Saturdays.

We haven’t really separated this summer half group into color groups because we are all going the same distance on Saturday mornings, but if you know your color group you can follow their schedule. If you aren’t sure, just follow the RED group schedule. They are all pretty close. Color groups traditionally start at different times and have different coaches, but our summer group is small enough that we can all just do this together. If you have any questions, find John or Mary on Saturday mornings.

This week, however, John and Mary are both out. So look for a Red Hat.

This Week’s 4 mile route:

I think our 4 mile route will be down to the Hawthorne Bridge, ACROSS the Hawthorne Bridge (whoo-hoo, West Side!), and then use the ramp to go down to the waterfront. Run or walk north on the waterfront path to the Steel Bridge. Over the Steel, back toward the Hawthorne and then turn left at the statue of Vera Katz. That road leads back to Grand Ave and PRC. You can take the regular route to the Hawthorne ramp and back home, but taking the short-cut should get us closer to 4 miles.

See you next Saturday 7/22/17 at 8am for our 4 mile run or walk.