Congrats on your 25K

Big congratulations to everyone that finished our 25K last weekend. Lots of folks can do a half marathon, but far fewer commit to the next step — going past 13.1. Nice work!

The path from a half marathon to a full marathon has three more big hurdles. You just crossed one — our 25K. Now it’s just a 30K and a 21-miler. In between, we’ll recover and hang out between 11 and 14 miles. Once a month we’ll push our bodies a little further. And those efforts will be critical to figuring out what your body needs in order to run or walk a marathon. So write down what you learned this time. Then make adjustments during our next two benchmarks.

Did you get enough sleep? Did you eat enough that morning? How did you feel after the effort? These things are important.

Good job last weekend. Now it’s time to recover and then look ahead to the next one.