Track Etiquette

Thinking about trying your speed training on a track but don’t know where to begin? Check out this primer from Runners World. Running or walking on a track can be a fun and new way workout.

It can sometimes be intimidating to go to track to do a workout. I mean, that’s where the fast people go, don’t they? Not at all! we are all welcome at the track. Here a few key points to get started:

  • Go counterclockwise.
  • Start in Lane 4 (counting left to right) and leave the left three lanes for the really fast folks.
  • If you hear “TRACK!” then move to your right as somebody fast is coming behind you and they are on a mission.
  • Pass on the right if you don’t want to be the one yelling “Track!”

Check out these and the rest of the tips at RunnersWorld online.