Congrats, Half Marathoners!

Congratulations to all our members that participated in the Helvetia Half Marathon. It was a glorious day to celebrate all our hard work over the last few months. A half marathon is quite an accomplishment!

Check out our Facebook color group pages for pictures. And please post your own! It was a rainy day, but we still had fun whether you were running, walking, or volunteering at our aid station. It was great seeing so many of you on the way out and then on the way back!

Treat yourself to something special this week, whether it be an extra day of rest, a massage, or an entire spa day. Or maybe a new pair of shoes. But when it’s time to take your finisher medal off your neck and put it away for safe-keeping, please don’t shelve your new found fitness with it — keep the momentum going in the right direction and keep running or walking. There are lots more half marathons (or even a full marathon!) on the summer schedule.

We look forward to seeing you again on Saturday.

Stay fit,