Midweek Group Runs/Walks

Are you looking for a little extra motivation for your midweek training sessions? Consider hooking up with a group! Form your own or join an existing group to get those miles in.

After twenty years of doing this, I still need the group more than anyone to motivate me to get out there. If you are like me and need a group to get you going, or if it just makes you run faster/farther, consider adding some group runs or walks to your weekly training. Here are some options….

  1. Form your own group. You’d be surprised how many folks at your kid’s school would be up for joining you for a three mile run or walk around the neighborhood. And they don’t have to be Portland Fit folks — introduce them to your training program. My Tuesday/Thursday group even tried our speed training 10(25×25) last week.
  2. Go to Portland Running Company. They offer group runs on Mondays and Thursdays at both locations as well as some other days of the week. Visit their group runs page for more details.
  3. NoPo Run Club: this group meets every Wednesday at 6:30p and runs and then grabs a pint afterward. What’s not to like?