Marathon Signups

Portland Fit does not enjoy any special discounts for the Portland Marathon or the Portland Half Marathon, so if that’s on your list this year, don’t delay. The price continues to go up the longer you wait. Sign up early!

The Portland Marathon is known around the country as one of the friendliest marathons and best for first-timers. And because the course is open for 8 hours, it is the best marathon for walkers!

The Portland Marathon can fill up, so don’t wait too long. If it’s your first marathon, it’s natural to want to wait to see how your training progresses. A lot of folks want to wait until after the 21-mile benchmark in September. However, it may be sold out. If that’s the case, October is actually the most popular month for marathons, so they are all over. The Victoria Marathon is Canada is especially nice. If you get in marathon shape in October, you have lots of choices.

To register for the Portland Marathon, visit their website.