Hydration Seminar

On Saturday we learned the basics of hydration and why it’s a critical subject to those training for half or full marathons. Portland Fit members should consider this required reading for the 2017 season and commit our Four Hydration Rules to memory.

For this week’s homework, please read my seminar notes below. For extra credit, you can watch our full online hydration seminar given by the original Yellow Coach, JR Malpass with help from Dr. Jason Barker of Gleukos. If you have questions, post in comments below or ask an Assistant Coach next Saturday!

Hydration Seminar Notes

– Hydration is critical to our success in halfs and fulls.
– Serious injury can occur if we allow ourselves to get dehydrated!
– You can do damage to your internal organs and muscles if you allow them to get seriously dehydrated.
– We’ve sent folks to the ER before that didn’t follow our simple rules. 
– You can’t do this without drinking.
– And remember: “hydration is a state of being,” so drink during the week, too.

### Rule #1: I will carry my own hydration source.

Is water enough?
– No, if you are going over an hour, you need electrolytes.
– What are electrolytes? Answer: ionized constituents of living cells. Simple answer: it’s chemistry, and you need them.
– Sweat is water + salts.
– The body is amazingly good at staying in balance, but running long distance taxes that.
– How to get more of them? There are different forms (liquid; caps; snacks).
– Experiment to see what works for you.
– OK to water it down.

### RULE #2: I will use electrolytes.

How much do you need?
– Depends on your sweat rate, heat of day, intensity.
– Blood volume is critical.
– Think of a ketchup bottle – you don’t want your blood the same consistency as ketchup. Too thick, too hard for your heart to pump.
– Less efficient (performance goes down)
– Blood can’t deliver oxygen and remove waste
– How to calculate amount?
– You could weigh yourself, but… the average person can lose a pound an hour.
– 16oz in a pound. So 16oz in an hour = 4 ounces every 15 minutes.
– How much is an ounce? We measured. One ounce = one swallow. So…
– 4 swallows every 15 minutes (average).

### RULE #3: I will drink 3 to 4 swallows every fifteen minutes.

Excuses we hear about not wanting to drink…
– portapotties; messy; stomach issues; “slows me down!”
– However, not drinking is not an option!
– Health & safety!
– Remember the ketchup bottle!

– No more cups (need to bring a bottle!). See Rule #1.
– Practice drinking while running or walking
– Don’t just carry it, drink it. Funny how many people carry, but never drink it!
– Experiment with different carrying methods. Fuel Belts, backpacks, handhelds… lot’s of options.
– How to get cups from aid stations (see video seminar).

Review Rules:
#1: I will carry my own hydration source.
#2: I will use electrolytes.
#3: I will drink 3 to 4 swallows every fifteen minutes.

And Rule #4: I am not afraid of portapotties!