Coffee and Running

For all of our java junkies, here’s a little info on how it can help our running and walking. Find out more about how we can use it to help our performance. And join us for our post-Saturday coffee klatch!

Right around the corner from Portland Running Company is a coffee shop. Come out and join us after our Saturday runs and walks — it’s a great time to ask our Red Hats training questions.

A lot of us just aren’t ready for the day until we’ve had our morning cup of coffee. But how does it affect our marathon training? Our friends at Runner’s World have articles on almost everything and coffee is no exception. Here’s an excerpt from the article and a link to learn more.

8 Things Runners Should Know About Coffee

  1. Caffeine (in coffee or otherwise) improves performance… Hundreds of studies have shown that consuming caffeine before a physical challenge likely helps subjects go farther and faster than when they go without it. This effect holds true in studies of both endurance athletes and sprinters.
  2. It works best when timed right… A study last year indicated that the best time to take caffeine for a performance boost is an hour before your event begins.
  3. It’s possible to have too much… Research shows that about three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight is all you need to see benefits. (For a 150-pound person, that’s roughly 12 ounces of strong coffee.) Higher doses don’t do more to improve performance, and you run the risk of developing negative side effects like dizziness, anxiety, and heart palpitations.

To discover the other 5 things runners and walkers should know, please continue reading the Runner’s World article.