Parking, Parking, Parking!

The magic begins this Saturday, March 18 at 8am at Portland Running Company on Grand Avenue. Come help us kick off our 20th anniversary season! Wondering how to get there or where to park? Read on…

Our new location is at PRC Grand Ave. We get to meet inside and use the bathrooms in the building. It’s going to be luxurious! Their location is basically on the east side of the Morrison Bridge.

The number one question we are getting this season is about parking. Portland Fit has enjoyed dedicated parking lots for most of our first 19 years, but most other USA FIT cities are not so lucky. But even with those parking lots, we often had to walk the equivalent of two or three blocks to get to our meeting place. This year is really no different.

Parking is free on Portland’s east side on Saturday mornings. And we meet early on Saturdays, so there won’t be any competition for street parking spots. So parking on Grand Ave or one of the adjacent streets is a good possibility. There is also ample parking west of MLK along Taylor Street. AC Johanna put together this excellent parking map to help.

Please come out and give it a try. We think once you find “your spot,” you’ll love the new location. Pro tip: park near one of these coffee spots and your car will be waiting for you after your post-exercise coffee.