The Last Few Days

Make sure you’ve got everything in control heading into Marathon Morning

By Now
• Toenails clipped
• Hydrating all week
• Laundry done
• Monitor the weather
• Packet Pickup (best to go Friday so you aren’t on your feet more than needed on Saturday)
• Hydrate some more
• Monitor the weather – Decide on what to wear – runners add 20 degrees to the forecasted temperature, walkers add 10 degrees. Remember NO NEW!
• Find some throw away sweats or grab some at a thrift store – you’ll want to ditch these at the starting line.
• Get to bed early
• Sleep in
• Stay off your feet – watch motivational movies – Rudy, The Blind Side, Chariots of Fire,Rocky and St. Ralph if you can find it
• Review the race course and have a general idea where you will want to refuel
• Eat dinner early
• Lay out all your running gear, pack your fanny pack and pin your race bib on
• Get to bed early
Sunday Morning
• Set the Alarm, get up early and eat your normal breakfast
• Meet your PFit Friends at 6:00 am at the top of 24 Hour Fitness, at 4th & Clay. Allow plenty of time as anything can happen such as bad traffic, a flat tire (or there might just be 2 Univ. of Maine campuses and only 1 of them with the start line!)
• Head to the Starting line and think positive – You are Ready!