Where Ya Going? Sellwood/Hawthorne Loop

The Taper phase of your marathon training starts off with an easy 9 mile loop over the Sellwood and Hawthorne Bridges. Start out with a Left turn onto Moody. Take the LONG way thru the South Waterfront, Zig Zagging all the way to the River and then Zig Zagging back out to Moody. Sharp Turn Left to get on the Bike Path. Stay on the Path for several miles and exit at the end of Willamette Park into the neighborhood. Continue straight on Miles and pick up the path at the end of the street. Follow the path until you Zig Zag up the ramp to turn Left to cross over the Sellwood Bridge. Turn Left coming off the Bridge and turn Left again on Spokane Street. Pick up the Riverfront path on your Right and continue on thru Oaks Bottom. The path ends on 4th St. Turn Left on Caruthers and pick up the Eastbank Esplande on your Right. Follow the path until you get to the Hawthorne Bridge. Take the loop and turn Left to cross over the River. Turn Left once more and follow the waterfront path thru Riverplace to Moody St. and back to Zidell.