Where Ya Going? Mini Marathon Course

CHUNK #1 – THE EASY CHUNK This week’s 21 miler starts out with a Left turn out of PRC, then a Right turn on Belmont. Left on 3rd, then Right on Yamhill until it ends at SE Water. Turn Right on SE Water and take the spiral pedestrian ramp over I-5 and onto the East bank Esplande. Turn Left on the Esplande and then cross over the Hawthorne Bridge. Turn Left towards Riverplac on Harbor Dr. Zig Zag up Harrison and turn Left on 4th. Turn Left on SW Hooker, then Left on SW 1st all the back to Harrison. Turn Right on Harrison, zig zag back down to Harbor St. and back down to the riverfront path. Stay on the waterfront all the way to 9th. Turn Left on 9th, stay to the Right on Overton, Right on 11th, Left Quimby, Right on 13th and Left on Raleigh all the way to the water stop at 26th St. (simple terms, this Chunk starts out like we are going to Dunaway Track and the like we are going up to Leif).

CHUNK #2 – THE HOLY CHUNK – Turn Right on 26th, Left on Vaughn which ends at Nicolai. Turn Left on Nicolai which turns into St. Helens Rd. Keep to the side as much as possible on St. Helens Rd. Take a quick break at the water station at the base of the St. Johns Bridge and turn Left to cross over the Bridge.

CHUNK #3 – WILL IT EVER END CHUNK – Turn Right as you exit the Bridge onto Burlington Ave. Turn Left on Willamette Blvd which you’ll follow for several miles until you turn Right on Greeley Ave.

CHUNK #4 – GOING HOME CHUNK – Stay on Greeley past Going St. Greeley turns into Interstate Ave. which we follow until we get to the Steele Bridge where we drop back down on the Eastbank Esplande. Turn Left to go up the spiral pedestrian ramp over I-5. Turn Right on SE Water, Left on Yamhill, Right on 3rd, Left on Belmont back to PRC!

10&<Club – Start out from PRC with the group. After the loop past Dunaway head back over the Hawthorne Bridge to the Esplande and take the spiral pedestrian bridge and return to PRC for about 6 miles.