Benchmark? Piece o’ Cake!

Attitude is everything when it comes to marathon training.  You’ve worked hard on getting physically ready by following the Portland Fit schedule.  You also need to get your mental game plan ready.

Have you tried Visualization?  Picture yourself heading down the last few blocks on the course towards the finish line.  Your family and friends (and total strangers too!) will be cheering like crazy as you head thru the finishers chute.  Listen to the announcer call your name as you hold your arms up high for the victorious finish line photo.  Can you see it?

My personal vision involves breaking the finish line tape and wearing the laurel wreath that crowns the winner of the Boston Marathon.

Try “Chunking” the race.  This weeks 21 miler will have three water stations.  Use these to break the course into 4 sections or “Chunks”.  It’s very helpful mentally to break the longer distance into shorter more manageable goals.  Chunk 1 will be about 7 miles and we’ll call this the “Easy Section”.  Chunk 2 will be the “Holy Section” as these 5 miles take us down St. Helens Rd and over the St. Johns Bridge.  Chunk 3 is another 5 miles called “Will it Ever End”, named appropriately after a very long stretch on Willamette Blvd.  The final Chunk 4 is the “Going Home” 4 miles as we turn onto Going Ave heading back to PRC.

Breaking the race into smaller pieces is one of many mental strategies you can use to help push you across that finish line!