Spaghetti Already!

Many of us have heard of “carbo-loading”. This is a term in which we associate with eating a ton of spaghetti the night before we go out for a long, strenuous run/walk, but that’s not really how it works. The idea is to bank glycogen in your muscles and liver for that long run/walk.

Pounding the spaghetti the night before is okay, if you want to spend a good deal of time in a Porta Potty. We suggest that you start “carbo-loading” on the Wednesday or Thursday before your Saturday run/walk. This will give your system enough time to digest the extra carbohydrates and store the needed glycogen.

You do not want to over eat carbohydrates, but step up your usual portions. One thought is to eat a good source of carbohydrates as a snack during the day. Whatever you do, be careful of the processed sugars in our foods and recipes.

If pasta is your thing, eat whole grain pasta. Fruits and vegetables are another excellent source of carbohydrates. Have you ever thought of the good old spud? Not the fried, excessively salted potatoes, but the baked potato?

For further discussion, take a look at this Carbo Loading article from Runners World.

Thanks Coach Hank for this article!