Things we have in common with Galen Rupp

Galen lives and trains in the Portland area. We live and train in the Portland area.

Galen started with shorter distances and worked his way up to a marathon…So did we!

Galen set a goal, trained hard and followed a plan.  We set goals, train hard and follow a plan.

Paparazzi spot Galen running in Forrest Park.  Paparazzi can see us this Saturday in Forest Park!

Galen has a great coach, Alberto Salazar. We’ve got great Coaches!  Dave, Janelle, Kaitlyn, Jeff & Hank take a bow!

Galen runs about 100 miles a week.  We run about 100 miles a month!

Galen gets hot and sweaty and stinky after he runs.  We get hot and sweaty and…well, you know!

Galen got a really cool medal after his recent marathon. We’ll get a really cool medal after our marathon!

Remember, we are all Athletes, we have a lot in common and we all have Goals!  Most importantly, we will all achieve these Goals!