What does HEAT really do to you?

We’re in for another hot 12 miles this Saturday.  How many of you took Coach Jeff up on his weight loss challenge at last week’s benchmark?  Well, actually it wasn’t a weight loss challenge it’s really a weight stabilization challenge!

Simply hop on your bathroom scale and weigh in before you start your work out.  Then hop back on the scale after you’re done. The idea is to see how close you are to your starting weight by the end of your workout. If the weight loss is minimal, that means you stayed hydrated.  If the weight loss is a few pounds, they you probably need to increase your fluid/electrolyte consumption.  Dehydration can include muscle cramps, headache, nausea, etc. It is a barrier that can be avoided with a good common sense hydrating habit while you’re running or walking. If you didn’t try this last weekend, give it a go this Saturday. Weigh in before you run (without your hydration system), note your weight and then weigh out when you finish your 12 miles. Is there a difference in your weight? If so? How much? Use the next few weeks as trial and error sessions on getting your hydration right.  Better now than at the Marathon!