Where Ya Going? 30K Benchmark

This week’s 30K Benchmark takes us on a quick loop downtown, then thru Willamette Park, Sellwood Park, West Moreland Park and out to Reed College. One more loop thru West Moreland Park, back thru Sellwood Park and back thru Willamette Park along the River back to Zidell.

Start out with a Right turn on Moody. Follow Moody all the way thru River Place and pick up the waterfront path. Turn Right over the Steele Bridge, and then Right on the East Bank Esplanad. Go under the Hawthorn Bridge, and take the ramp on the Left to take you up and over the Hawthorn Bridge. Exit the Bridge with a Left back on to the waterfront path and head back towards Zidell. Continue on Moody past Zidell thru the South Waterfront and pick up the path with a sharp Left past the trolley station. Take the Waterfront path all the way to the end of Willamette Park. Exit at the end of the park and head straight thru the residential street and pick up the path at the end of the road heading towards Sellwood. Zig Zag up the ramp and turn Left to cross over the Sellwood Bridge. Turn Left coming off the bridge and head into Sellwood Park. Exit the NE end of the park and curve Left on Sellwood St., Curve Left onto 13th St and Curve Left onto Bybee. Stay on Bybee until you get to West Moreland Park. Head into the park and do a quick loop around the rest room and water fountain, then turn Rght back out on Bybee and Right on 27th. Follow it around and turn Left on Reed College Place (big trees in the medium of this street). Turn Left on Woodstock Street which turns into 28th St, which turns into Tolman before it turns back into Bybee. Head back on Bybee and do one more loop thru West Moreland Park, then follow Bybee and retrace your steps back to 13th St., back to Sellwood St and then thru Sellwood Park. Cross over the Sellwood Bridge, and head thru Willamette Park and follow the river path back to Zidell.

10&<Club – The first Steele/Hawthorn Bridge Loop will get you around 4 miles.  Stay with the group to the endof the construction and turn around at the Beaver Statue for 7 miles round trip.  Continue with the group to the end of Willamette Park and back and you’ll be right at 10 miles.