Start Times

Make sure and set your alarm early for this week’s 30K Benchmark. Practice your race day getting ready rituals. Toenails should be trimmed, clothes laid out the night before… Get up early enough to eat/digest a good healthy breakfast. Allow extra time for traffic and parking. Don’t worry if you don’t sleep well the night before a race (or a benchmark), no one ever gets a good night’s sleep! Once the gun goes off on race day, adrenalin kicks in and you’re off!

With the goal of being out of Zidell by 10:30 am, this week’s start times are:
• Purples – 5:00 am (bring headlamps and reflective gear)
• Red – 6:00 am
• Yellow – 6:00 am
• Green/Blue – 6:15 am
Remember, Sleep is overrated!