Where Ya Going? Mt. Tabor via Hawthorne Bridge

We had so much fun on our last benchmark to Mt. Tabor, we’re going to do it again (minus a few extra miles)!  This weeks 12 Miles starts out with a Right Turn on Moody. Stay on Moody all the way thru Riverplace and pick up the waterfront path. Turn Right to cross over the Hawthorne Bridge and a quick Left on the Eastbank Esplande for just a few blocks. Turn Right on Salmon Street. You’ll stay on Salmon all the way to 46th St. A quick Left on 46th, Right on Salmon, Right on 49th and another Left keeps you on Salmon (this is marked well for bikers). Continue on Salmon all the way to the entrance to Mt. Tabor Park. You’ll take the Reservoir Loop all the way up to the top by the Harvey Scott Statue. Head back down the hill through the park, make sure you exit at 60th and Salmon Street. Follow Salmon all the way back to the River, turning Left at the waterfront, and then Right to cross over the Hawthorne Bridge. Head back through Riverplace all the way back to Zidell and you’re done. Here is a printable map of this route.

10&< Club (10 & Under Club). The Best Option on this route is to hook up with someone and drop a car close to Salmon and 60th, that way you can head out with group and get 7 miles in and finish up right after you come down from Mt. Tabor. If that isn’t an option, for 10 miles turn back around at the base of Mt. Tabor. For 8, turn around at 46th St where Salmon starts it’s little zig zag.