30K Benchmark – Coming Soon

Saturday August 13th is our 30K Benchmark….Are you ready?

You’ve got a little over a week to start preparing for this Benchmark – treat it like you would the week before the Marathon. Pay close attention to what you eat during the week, keep it healthy. Hydrate just a little more than regular, especially given the hot weather. Make sure and get enough sleep during the week, as any marathoner can tell you, no one sleeps well the night before! Plan out what you’re going to wear – No New (and no cotton!). And don’t forget the toenails – trim them on Wednesday!

Lastly, if you’re not up for the full 30K (that’s 18.6 miles) consider volunteering. The water/snack stations are a lot of fun to help out at. Our members get a little weary going this far and love to see your smiling faces handing out some chips, pretzels and encouragement. Bike riders are always a welcome sight on the course.  Contact Celia celia@portlandfit.com if you’d like to help out. We’d really appreciate it!