Where Ya Going? Tryon Creek

This Saturday is supposed to be a hot one. Let’s stay in the shade as much as possible for this week’s 13 miles through Tryon Creek! We’ll start out turning Left on Moody. Stay straight on Moody all the way thru the South Waterfront. Sharp left to get onto the bike path. Follow the path all the way until you head into Willamette Park. Turn Right to exit the park at the main vehicular entrance which is Nebraska St. Stay on Nebraska until it dead ends at Corbett. Turn Left and head up the series of 5 hills known as the Corbett Stairs. At the top of Corbett, turn Right on Custer, Right on Brier and then a quick Left back on Custer. Pick up the Bark Chip path at the end of Custer for a short ways and WALK up the railroad tie stairs on your Left. You’ll come out on 4th St. and immediately take the Left set of stairs directly across 4th St., which brings you to Terwilliger. Continue heading South on Terwilliger until you get to the light at Taylors Ferry. Cross the street at the light and again head South. You’ll stay on Terwilliger until you cross Boones Ferry (just past Riverdale High). Pick up the asphalt path into Tryon Creek Park. Your turn around spot for 13 miles is at Iron Mt. Trailhead – you’ll see the sign on your right. Take a moment to grab some water, regroup, take some silly pics, and follow the same route back to Zidell high fiving you’re fellow Portland Fitters on the way back.

10&< Club (10 & Under Club). For 10 miles, you’ll turn around shortly after you enter Tryon Creek Park at the Lewis & Clark Trail just past the law school. For a Hilly 6 – 6 ½ miles stay with the group up the Corbett Hill and turn around at Custer Street. The Flat 6 miles stays in Willamette Park and turns around at the Sellwood Bridge. For 7, just cross over Sellwood and loop around Sellwood Park and then come back the same way.

The only easily assessable water fountain and restrooms are in Tryon Creek Park close to the main entrance.