Motivational Moment-Running Blind

Everyone knows racing 26.2 miles is hard enough.  Now, put on a pair of dark sunglasses, turn out the sun and use your other senses to get you through those long demanding miles.

I had the pleasure of playing leap frog for about 18 miles with Rhonda Copeland (behind me in the picture above) at the Missoula Marathon a few weeks ago.  I learned how Rhonda loved the outdoors, hiking, biking and most of all running through the beautiful state of Montana.  As her loss of vision increased at an alarming rate she knew she’d be faced with some drastic changes in her life.  There were many things that she’d have to give up – running was not one of them.

Running Blind is Rhonda’s story about training for and completing her first marathon as a blind athlete. Her story will inspire anyone – read the preview (<– click the Look Inside) and then marvel at what one can do when determination and desire kick in.