Mom and her Vitamins and Minerals

How many of us remember Mom’s advice,” Take your Vitamins and Minerals”. Unfortunately, most of us do not ingest enough vitamins and minerals. Here are five biggies that you need to keep to be aware in your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

#1 IRON (Fe) – Most women know very well about their intake or lack of iron. Men can also be anemic, I.E. lack iron. The iron is the oxygen carrier in your red blood cells. If we are low in iron, we suffer fatigue. For us this means not being able to effectively or efficiently do our long distances. Low iron can affect mental capacity as well as your immune system.

How much is needed per day? For men, generally 10 milligrams per day, for women, this can vary as to age, reproductive stages, pregnancy, etc. Men and women need to check with their doctors to determine the iron needed.

#2  CALCIUM (Ca) – Calcium is important for muscle contractions. It is also important for bone strength as well as keeping our organs functioning properly. Besides dairy, you can pick up calcium through eating broccoli, soy beans, oranges, and salmon.

#3  Potassium (K) – The proper functioning of nerves and muscles depends on potassium in the system. Not only do our muscles need potassium but so does our heart. Be careful, you can consume too much potassium. This usually occurs with taking too many supplements. However, we sweat out potassium, so it is important for us to replace the lost potassium.

#4  Magnesium (Mg) – Magnesium is critical in your cellular enzyme reactions. It is important in preventing muscle cramping and soreness among other symptoms. You can get magnesium from foods such as nuts, seeds, green vegetables. Be careful, processed foods including white sugar have magnesium removed during the processing.

#5  Zinc (Zn) – Zinc plays a big role in protein and DNA synthesis. What this means is that zinc is important to many of your body’s systems including your immune system. When we run/walk hard, we deplete our immune system. Zinc will assist in maintaining that system. Now you can enjoy those oysters on the half shell, why, because you can get a significant amount of your daily zinc from oysters.

Thanks Coach Hank for providing us with this information!