Thank you Volunteers

Last week the weather cooperated with a nice cool cloudy day for our 25K benchmark (that’s 15.5 miles) up to Mt. Tabor. A special thanks to our fantastic volunteers, Coach Jean and Coach Patty who manned the first water/snack station and Coach Janelle and Teonna (PFit alum) who greeted us as we entered and left Mt. Tabor. Coach Sue was the source of the delicious finish line cookies! As always, Coach Jeff’s chalking was super helpful in guiding us to an area many have not explored. Thanks also to Celia for getting all the snacks and the water stations set up and going.

Hope everyone enjoyed the benchmark. We have a few more weeks until our 30K (that’s 18.6 miles) on August 13th. Take some time to review what worked for you and what didn’t. Now’s the time to fine tune your race plan and make any adjustments that might help your next benchmark go better.