Where Ya Going? Let’s Take the TRAM!

This week’s 9 Mile Route covers some hills, but the view from the top is incredible. We’ll climb up Terwilliger to the top of OHSU and enjoy a nice ride down on the Ariel Tram…. (and just wait `til you see what what your Garmin thinks about the descent)! Start out with a Right turn out of Zidell and stay on Moody through Riverplace. We will do an out and back on the water front, going past the Hawthorne Bridge, past the Steele Bridge, to just past the Fremont Bridge (405). There will be another Riverfront path just after you cross under the Fremont Bridge as soon as you pass the construction. We’ll turn Right to pick up this path and then a left along the Riverfront until you can’t go any further.  Turn back around and retrace your steps back to Nato Parkway.  Stay on Nato all the way to the Steele Bridge where you’ll head back on the water front past the Hawthorn Bridge. As you come up to the Riverplace area, turn Right into the street by the Riverplace Hotel. Stay on Harbor Way and turn Right on Montgomery. Cross the street and pick up the zig zaggy path that takes you to Harrison St. Stay on Harrison and turn Left on 4th St. Continue on 4th St. until you get to Dunaway Park at Sheridan St. Cut thru the track and pick up the path that takes you up the hill to Terwilliger St. Follow Terwilliger uphill for a mile and turn Right on Veterens Hospital Rd for another mile. Turn Right for a quick jaunt on Sam Jackson Rd. Be looking to your Right for the exterior staircase at the Kohler Pavilion Building with the Bright Blue and Yellow walls that say AREAL TRAM. Climb the stairs, enter the building and get your camera ready! It’s free to ride down!

10&< (10 and Under Club). This one’s only 9 miles so give it a try. If you want to shorten the route, the out and back on the Riverfront will get you about 7.  It might be more fun to cut out some of the Out and Back on the waterfront and head up to the Tram. Don’t cut out too much, the Tram doesn’t start running until 9:00 so you don’t want to get there too early. No worries if you do get there early, there’s a coffee shop, restrooms and water fountain up on top.