Where Ya Going? Let’s go to Leif!

Our 13 mile route takes us to the Leif Erikson Trail in Forest Park. This incredible trail is over 10 miles of scenic beauty, uphill both ways! It’s a little over 5 miles to get to the base of Leif so we won’t be on the trail that long. Don’t worry though, every ¼ mile is clearly marked so you’ll know exactly where to turn around.

Turn Right coming out of Zidell and stay on Moody thru Riverplace. Continue on the waterfront path thru downtown. Stay to the right to cross the railroad tracks right passed the Steele Bridge and continue on the water front through the condominiums. You’ll exit the waterfront path just after the Broadway Bridge. The end of this section of the trail drops you on 9th Street where you’ll bear Right onto Overton. Cut through the Fields Park on your Right coming out on 11th Street. Left on Quimby, Right on 13th and another quick Left on Raleigh. Continue on Raleigh all the way to Wallace Park on 26th Street. Turn Right and 26th and Left on Thurman. Stay on Thurman all the way until it ends at the Leif Erikson Trail-head. For this week’s 13 miles we’ll go to the 1 ¼ mile post and then turn around and head back the same way.  For a printable version of the map, click here.

10&< Club (That’s 10 and Under!)   Show up at the scheduled time for your color group and head out with your friends.   For 6 miles turn around at Fields Park (Overton and 11th).  For 8ish miles turn around at Wallace Park (Raleigh and 26th).  Retrace your steps back to Zidell and you’ll be done.

Restrooms & Water fountains – Waterfront, Fields Park, Wallace Park and just past the trail-head at Leif.