We’ve got T-Shirts and they are ready to be picked up this Saturday at Zidells!  We’ll have them available for the next few weeks for those of you who may need to miss this weekend.  Please pick up the size you ordered (we know it in case you forgot).  If it doesn’t fit, then hold onto it for a few weeks.  After we’ve gotten the majority of T-Shirts distributed we’ll have a T-Shirt exchange where we can swap among each other and see if we can make everyone happy and more importantly make sure we’re all  Looking Good!

We’ll have extra Portland Fit registration forms for those of you who may have forgotten to sign up.  You’ll know this is you if your name isn’t on the T-Shirt list.   Make sure and wear your shirt a few times on your weekday runs.  You’ll want this as part of your race day attire come marathon day… and remember… “No New”, so now’s the time to make sure this works for you.