“10&<"…The 10 and Under Club – Let’s Do This!

Time to kick off the 10 and Under Club… “10&<”. Each week as part of the “Where Ya Going?” Blog we’ll add some 10&< route options for those that just want to keep their fitness level up but may not want to train in the higher mileage that the other PFitters are tackling. Continue to come out and show up at the same time as your regular color group. Head out with your friends and we’ll have some options for you that will keep the mileage at 10 and under. This week’s best bet is a 7 mile option that turns you around in Sellwood Park at the Rest Rooms by the Playround. If you want to go for 8 miles continue through the park and run along the Bluff overlooking Oaks Bottom. Turn around when Sellwood St. turns in 13th Street. Retrace your steps back over the Sellwood Bridge and through Willamette Park back to Zidells.