Take care of as much as you can prior to race day. Go thru your pre-race checklist and make sure you are on top of everything.

•Your PreRace Rituals – Have You…
o Trimmed your toe nails?
o Gone to Packet Pick Up? Confirmed your bib info is correct!
o Done your laundry?
o Filled up the Car with Gas?
o Packed your fanny pack/hydration system?
o Been Hydrating
•The Night before – Plan on…
o Having dinner early – get the carbs and protein in, most of all…No New!
o Laying out “Little Peggy” that’s code for having your entire racing wardrobe laid out on the floor!
o Include socks, cute outfit, sunglasses or a hat. Don’t forget safety pins for attaching your race bib, and…No New!
o How to get to the stadium – allow plenty of time
o Setting your Alarm – allow plenty of time
•The Morning of – Make sure and…
o Eat your normal Saturday light breakfast and eat it early – No New!
o Allow enough time for your breakfast to digest. You don’t want to race with a heavy stomach.
o Hydrate some more – Have a cup of coffee if that’s your routine, just don’t overdo it. No New!
o Remember Body Glide and Sunscreen.
o Dress with care, no wrinkles in your socks. Make sure your race bib and your fanny pack work together.
o Leave your house early, there is a lot of traffic on the way to Helvetia and you’ll want to find parking.
o Leave enough time to meet your Portland Fit buddies for the group picture at 7:15 on the field.
o Get in line for the Porta Potty before the race actually starts. It’s all part of the experience.
Follow these steps and as you head to the start line you’ll be all Set!