Where Ya Going? Sellwood/Hawthorne Bridge

Last week we had some tough hills! Don’t worry if you were part of the “I’m so Sore” Club after you finished. As you approach the hills during the Helvetia Half Marathon think back to the climb up Corbett and then again the climb up Terwilliger….Know that you have Helvetia well under control!

We’ll keep this weeks 10 Mile course relatively flat. Start out turning left on Moody. Take the Long way through the South Waterfront, zig-zagging towards the River and then back to Moody turning Left on the Bike Path. Stay on the Bike Path all the way to the end of Willamette Park. Exit the park into the neighborhood then turn Right on Miles St. and the Left on Macadam. Stay on Macadam until you turn Left to go over the Sellwood Bridge. Coming off the Bridge turn Left and head into Sellwood Park. Make a complete loop in the park circling past the water fountain, playground structure and restrooms. Exit the park the same way you came in and turn Right heading down the hill on Spokane St. Turn Right to get on the Springwater Corridor. Stay on Springwater all the way to end where you will turn Left on Caruthers St. Turn Right on the Riverfront Path and go under the Tillikum Crossing Bridge. Head up the ramp and turn Left to cross over the Hawthorne Bridge. Exit the Bridge and turn Left on the waterfront trail, head back through Riverplace and on to Zidell.