Coming Soon – The 10 and Under Club

It’s Spring, and along comes the Sunshine, Flowers, and Longer Days.  The kids are anxiously awaiting the last day of school and the lazy days of summer ahead.  Vacations are being planned; extra time at work may be needed to allow for that lazy vacation.  The next thing you know you’ve missed a Saturday or 2 and are rethinking your commitment to finish the full 26.2.  No worries, Life can sometimes get in the way.  Just adjust your goals and stay with half’s or other events and you can still participate with Portland Fit.  Keep showing up every Saturday morning.  After Helvetia, our mileage will consistently be in the double digits and that may seem like too much.  The 10 and Under Club is just what you need.  Each week, the “Where Ya Going?”  posts will add options for ways to cut the course short and keep the mileage  at 10 or under.  Come out and join the friends you’ve already made and just plan on keeping the mileage a little lower.  It’s a great way to stay in shape and keep your fitness level up.

You paid for a full 6 month training program, make sure you get your money’s worth!