Social Media at its Finest

By now you’ve checked out Portland Fits website and can navigate around the site. Chances are you’ve also “Liked” our Portland Fit Facebook page. Did you know each of the Color Groups now have their own Facebook “Group” pages? The Reds and Yellows have been active for a few weeks now, while the Greens and the Purples are just getting started. Why should you join our Facebook Group? Only fellow PFitters truly understands your pride in beating the Corbett Hills! We’ll “Like” the heck out of your Totem Pole pic’s, and We’re here for you on those days when Friday night pizza doesn’t mix so well with Saturday morning GU! Most importantly, if you have concerns, or something isn’t going right for you, this is a great place to ask questions. Chances are someone in the group is having the similar issues and those of us that have been through this before are more than happy to chime in with suggestions and opinions. Want to join up?

Search Facebook for the following Groups and ask to be added.
PFit Power to the Purple
PFit Red and Proud
Portland Fit Yellows
Portland Fit Greens
Happy “Liking”