Where Ya Going? Over the Hill

This weeks 9 Mile Route takes us up and over Terwilliger via the Corbett Stairs. It’s not really a staircase…just a really big hill! If you haven’t heard of Corbett, you’re in for a surprise (remember, hill work makes you stronger!) We’ll head out the Long Way,zig zag towards the River, through the South Waterfront and pick up the trail as if we’re heading into Willamette Park. Once we pass the Willamette Sailing Club we’ll turn Right on Nebraska, which is the main vehicular access to the park. Note, we are not going all the way into the park, just to the Nebraska St. entrance. We’ll stay on Nebraska until it dead ends on Corbett. Turn left on Corbett and head up a series of 5 hills. This ½ mile up hill is tough! Please take it easy, slow your pace, don’t push yourself on the hills – you have to make it up all 5 hills. Once you’re at the end of Corbett you’ll quickly turn Right on Custer, Right on Brier, Left on Miles and cross at the light, slight Left on Barbur Blvd. From Barbur, turn Right past the A-Boy onto Terwilliger. Follow Terwilliger up and over, past the Chart House (home of the Totem Pole), then downhill all the way back to Dunaway Track. From Dunaway exit turning Left on 4th St., then Right on Harrison. Zig Zag back down to Montgomery, thru Riverplace, returning back to Zidell on Moody.

Restrooms/Porta Potties in Willamette Park, on Terwilliger at Hamilton, next to the Dunaway track and down by Riverplace.
Water Fountains at the Chart House, by the Restrooms on Terwilliger and at Dunaway.