Check In/Check Out

April Showers bring May Flowers, and along with May Flowers we have new Check In/Check Out Sheets for Portland Fit! Congrats to all the members who achieved that highly sought after Perfect Attendance for April – YEA! – Please forgive us if you did make it out every Saturday and your name is not showcased with a YEA! Go ahead and give us your own Smiley Face or “YEA!” right next to your name so we can all shower you with the Kudos you deserve for sticking to your training.

Sign In sheets are sorted by Color Group, with the Red Group being split alphabetically. Head Coaches are listed first, followed by all the Assistant Coaches. Members follow in alphabetical order. If you don’t see your name on the Color Group Sheet please add your name to one of the blank lines at the end of the form. You’ll check in/check out on that line every week in May. Hopefully by June everyone will be comfortable with their color group and we’ll update the lists one last time. Let’s see how many Perfect Attendances we can get in May. Stay tuned…there may be prizes awarded….