Where Ya Going? Higher and Higher

We’ve had our first journey up Terwilliger a few weeks ago.  This week’s 8 mile course takes us all the way to the top where picturesque views await us.  We’ll start out heading toward Riverplace.  Turn left on Montgomery until it ends at Harbor Drive.  A quick zig zag up the path takes us  where we continue on Harrison.  Turn left on 4th Street and continue until you cross Sheridan Street and drop down onto the Dunaway Track (restrooms and water fountains at the track).  Take the path up the hill which leads you to Terwilliger.  Continue up the hill on Terwilliger all the way to the Chart House Restaurant at the top where you will find another water fountain, as well as Portland’s own Totem Pole, just in case you feel like a photo op!  After your goofy Totem Pole pics turn around and head back down the same way.  Remember to go single file when passing and high-five your fellow PFitters on the way.

#Portland Fit #ShowMeYourTotem