No Parking Zone

Many of us are training for races before the Portland Marathon and are adjusting our weekly schedules to accommodate the upcoming events.  That may mean getting a few extra miles in before or after our regular Saturday morning run or walk.  Many of us like to go for coffee or a Danish after our run or walk.  Some of us like to add a few miles before, even more miles afterwards, then skip right past coffee and a Danish and go for a full blown lunch buffet.  But guess what?

We don’t have unlimited parking at Zidell.  We only have the parking spaces rented on Saturdays from 6:00 am to 10:30 or so.  (We let them know on benchmark days when we go longer than 10:30).  So if you’re adding a lot of extra miles, or if you’re heading back out for coffee you need to move your car.  We don’t want the Security Guards to lock the gate with your car on the inside, and you certainly don’t want to track someone down to help you get your car out if it does get locked in.  Also, as much as we love meeting and taking off from Zidell, we CAN NOT use the parking lot as a meeting place for mid- week runs.

So please respect Portland Fit’s agreement with Zidell and make sure you are out of their parking lot by 10:30 every Saturday.  We really want to continue to meet here year after year.