Feeling Hungry

Our weekly mileage has been increasing slowly but surely while we build our base. Our first benchmark, the Helvetia Half Marathon will be here in just a few weeks. As the mileage gets longer we need to concentrate on keeping our bodies properly fueled.

Gu, Clif Shots, Shot Blocks, Sports Beans…. What do they all do? How do they work? Why do we take them? When we work out hard for over an hour, we need to refuel to keep our bodies going. Fuel is more than just the electrolytes we get from the sports drink we carry each week. Most of these supplements are highly concentrated forms of carbohydrates, sugar and salts that should be taken with water. The key is to take your fuel before you need it, and that takes practice. Pick up a couple of different packets or bars to try. Some have caffeine and some don’t. Start taking some form of fuel (with water) every Saturday and see which one works best for you. Talk with your fellow PFitters and see what they take and how often.
Use these Saturdays to experiment. If something isn’t going to work for you it’s better to find out now rather than when you are at mile 9 in the Helvetia Half.