Speaking of Boston

50 Years ago Bobbi Gibbs snuck in and completed the 1966 Boston Marathon with an impressive time of 3 hours 21 minutes. Previously, she’d asked the race director for an entry and received a reply saying “Women are not physiologically able to run marathons and we can’t take the medical liability”. She did it anyway! It took another 6 years and several unauthorized female runners before the Boston Athletic Association allowed women to compete. Over 12,000 women followed Bobbie’s footsteps and finished the Boston Marathon this past Monday.

Bobbi’s quoted as saying “I wanted to show that women could run, but I also wanted to kind of inspire the idea that ordinary people can run. I was like, boy, I feel so good when I run, if everybody could feel like this, this sense of joy and physical well-being and strength and autonomy you have when you run, how much better the world would be, you know?”

Ya Bobbi, we know!