Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign…

First there was Dorothy and the Tin Man following the Yellow Brick Road.   And now, thanks to the artistic ability of our amazing Coach Jeff, Saturdays mornings find PFitters happily cruising along the well-marked sidewalks and streets of Portland, OR.  But guess what…

  • We live in Oregon, it rains…and then there’s no chalk!
  • In the summer, sprinklers come on….and then there’s no chalk!
  • Jeff’s a busy guy, sometimes he’s gone….and then there’s no chalk!

So, make sure you preview the route sent in the email blast and get your bearings.  Listen to the Coaches when they brief you on the course. Run with a partner, two is better than one (especially if your lost)!  Plug Zidell’s address (3121 SW Moody) in your phone so you can always get back.

Oh yeah, Coach Jeff won’t be around this weekend….and so there’s no chalk!