Where in the Hill are Ya Going?

Every endurance athlete in Portland OR has an intimate knowledge of the famous Terwilliger Hill.  If you’re new to this sport you’re in for a real treat.  Our 6 mile route takes us North on Moody toward Riverplace.  We’ll turn left on Montgomery and pick up the zig zaggy path at the end of the street after crossing Harbor Dr.  This path leads you onto Harrison which you will take up to 4th St.  Turn left on 4th and continue past Sheridan, where you will drop onto the Dunaway Track (Note: Rest Rooms and Water Fountain at the Track). Take the path from the track up the hill and you’re now on Terwilliger!  Continue climbing the hill for another mile and a half or so.  Once you get to the Rest Rooms and Water Fountains on your left it’s time to turn around and head back down.

Terwilliger is one of Portland’s most popular running, walking and cycling paths.  Remember to share the road, dropping into single file whenever you need to pass someone or are being passed.  Take time and look around at the spectacular views.   And, don’t worry, in a few weeks we’ll go all the way up and over Terwilliger so you won’t miss out on anything!