Hill Training

Hills are tough; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Hill training can make you tougher and that’s a good thing! We’ll have plenty of practice on hills as our mileage gets higher. We even incorporate something called hill repeats later in our training. For now, a couple of tips to get you started:

• Upper Body – Really swing your arms forward and up, let your upper body help your lower body going up those hills.

• Even Effort, not Even Pace – It does you no good to be the first one to the top of the hill if you’re too tuckered to head back down. Even effort means it’s OK to slow your pace down!

• Hill Training – Speed work in Disguise, less impact on joints and muscles too.

• Shorten your Stride length – You have to lift your legs higher to go up hill so shorten the stride and keep the motion smooth.

• Take breaks if you need to – Stop for a drink of water, refuel with a gel shot, or even the all-important Selfie that has to be posted so your friends know you conquered “The Hill”. All acceptable breaks!

• Visualization – Picture yourself floating up the hill – effortlessly! It just might get you there!

• Resist the urge to sprint down the hill – Your pace should be easy and can best be described as gently flowing downhill. Don’t try to make up the time you lost heading uphill.