Where Ya Going? Willamette Park, That’s Where!

Lots of construction to avoid on this route.  Take your time, use the crosswalks, stay on the open sidewalks and most of all – be safe!

When our mileage takes us through the South Waterfront area we will either go:

THE SHORT WAY – meaning we stay on Moody the whole way, or

ZIG ZAG TO THE RIVERFRONT – meaning we get another 1/2 mile by making our way toward the river and back.

Our 5 Mile Willamette Park course has us going THE SHORT WAY on Moody thru the South Waterfront. We’ll pick up the path and take it all along the river (past more construction) all the way to the end of the Park exiting into the neighborhood.  We’ll make a Right on Miles St. and then a Right on Macadam Ave. Another Right turn on Nebraska will bring us back into Willamette Park where we’ll pick up the path on the Left and head back to Zidell, again going THE SHORT WAY on Moody.

Bathrooms and Water Fountains await you in Willamette Park.