August 29 @ Zidell + News

We are meeting back at Zidell Yards this Saturday. Good luck to all HTC/PTC teams this weekend. I’m sure we’ll see many of you out there! Read on for more information about the rest of our season.

Our 21 miler is on SUNDAY, Sept 13…we need as many Volunteers as we can…this is going to be exciting as we are doing this on Sunday instead of Saturday and we’ll be crossing the new Tillakum Bridge. Please let us know if you are available to Volunteer by emailing celia AT portlandfit DOT com.

August 29 Meeting Times:
Purple – 6:00am
Red – 6:10am
Yellow – 6:55am
Green/Blue – 7:05am

ROUTE: 13/14 miles Reed College

If it is wet, Red Coach Jeff will not be chalking… so let’s try to stay together in our groups.


08/29/15 @ Zidell – 13mi Reed College (HTC/PTC weekend)
09/05/15 @ Zidell – 9mi Terwilliger (tram ride?)
09/13/15 @ Zidell – SUNDAY – 21mile benchmark
09/19/15 @ TBD (may be at PRC or Zidell) – 9mi
09/26/15 @ PRC Beaverton – 7mi South Trail
10/04/15 @ Portland Marathon – 26.2mi!