25K Benchmark

This weekend is our next benchmark — 25K… that’s 15.5 miles! That sounds like a long way, but in reality it’s only an 18% increase over our last benchmark of 13.1 miles. So no biggie, right? Remember it’s key to practice all your ‘plans!’

We’ve updated the start times on our schedule page, so be sure to arrive on schedule for your color group.

We’ve got a special route planned this week… we’re taking the group to beautiful Mt. Tabor! Click here to see a map.

Please remember that these benchmarks are your chance to test out your marathon preparation, hydration, and nutrition plans.

Prepare — what clothes are you going to wear? How tight (or loose) should your shoelaces be (do your feet swell during long runs?), respect the rest days this week…

Hydration — how much water/electrolytes is the right amount? Do you set your watch and drink a gulp every 5 minutes, or do you take 4 or 5 gulps every 15min? What’s the right mix of water and Nuun, or Gatorade, or whatever you use? Are you being good about staying hydrated during your workday all week?

Nutrition — do you eat in the morning? What do you have for dinner the night before? Do you bring snacks for the run/walk? What is your post-workout recovery plan for eating (banana and a bagel?)?

Good luck with all your plans! We’ll see you at Zidell on Saturday!