Now What?

We made it to the half-way point in our season! A lot of us celebrated that by running or walking in the Helvetia Half Marathon. But now we are faced with a question: Now what?

Marathon or Bust?
For those committing to a marathon in the fall, this was just our first benchmark on our way to 26.2 miles. You stick with the schedule as-is on our website and keep on truckin’. It’s an easy 10 miles next Saturday and then we hover between 10-13 miles most weekends. But now once a month we do another “long” benchmark.

Only Half Crazy?
For those that love the half-marathon distance, let’s just do those all summer. There are half marathons all over the place, so you can do one a month. Or target a special race. Or get out of town. For example, I’m targeting Coach Paula’s new event in Newport in October — the Bay 2 Brews Half Marathon. Make it a weekend and join us. The trick here is to keep coming out to Portland Fit and doing the long runs with the group when they are 10-13 miles. On benchmark days, come out and cut it short, or volunteer to man an aid station (we do our other benchmarks ourselves rather than participating in a big event).

All Done?
This option isn’t as much fun, but a lot of folks checked the half marathon off their bucket list and want to move on. We thank you for choosing Portland Fit as your training partner. We do hope you keep your fitness going and that you choose to run or walk with us all season. But life sometimes happens between half marathons.

We hope to see you all again next Saturday.

Stay fit,