21 Mile Map

We have posted the map for our 21 mile benchmark on Saturday. Check out where we will be going! A big thanks to Yellow Coach Peggy for route planning and Red Coach Jeff for his chalk work!!!

Dave @ PRC likes to say that the marathon is 20 miles of training and 6 miles of truth. This weekend we complete the training part with our last benchmark of the season. 21 miles is enough to prove to ourselves that we can do this. On marathon day, the last 5 miles over our max is the fun part. It’s where we really learn what we said on Day 1: every marathon comes down to just 8 inches — the distance between your ears.

For this 21 miler, the coaches have broken the course down into “chunks.” It’s a convenient way to think about the event and it might be something you employ on Marathon Day. It could correlate to your nutrition or hydration plan. It could be where you ask supporters to meet you to cheer you on throughout the day. Or it could just me a mental exercise to give you something to focus on. You might manage your pace and effort in these chunks. First chunk is easy and comfortable, running or walking under your expected goal. The middle two chunks might be your comfort zone where you run/walk normally at your weekend pace. You might choose to exercise a walk break at the end of every chunk. Or stop and take a selfie and post to facebook or twitter. 😉

The last chunk is yours to play with. If it’s hot and you are feeling tired, take walk breaks or go slowly. If you are feeling great, experiment with some changes of pace or find a new running or walking partner to help you through it. Whatever you decide, we’re confident this 21 miler will be the best and most fun 21 miler you do this weekend. 😉

So check out our route. It includes a lot of the official Portland Marathon course. And don’t forget to have fun.

See you Saturday at Zidell!

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