9 miles

This weekend all the groups are doing 9 miles. And 9 miles is special because it means we can now do The Ultimate Loop — a westside/eastside loop using the Sellwood and Hawthorne Bridges. This is a great loop almost entirely away from cars and traffic!

Last week the Greens tried it out, but this week I think most (if not all) the groups are going on The Loop. Eventually we’ll extend it by using the Steele Bridge instead of Hawthorne. But as with all things in this program, we’ll make incremental steps.

A couple of reminders:

We’ve got maps online! Maps are posted here. As we explore our new home, we’ll continue to add maps to this resource. We’ve also left maps from our previous homes up if you need them during the week or want to choose your own adventure some weekend.

Trail Etiquette: We’ve got a good size group but we also share the trails with other runners and walkers and bikers. So stay two abreast at the most and stay to the right of the trail at all times (leaving half the path to your left). Anticipate that bikes will be coming up behind you (and sometimes fast). Please don’t require them to slow down to get around you.

Carry water and electrolytes: one big loop of 9 miles means you should definitely be carrying your own water and electrolytes on Saturday morning. And fill up once at a bubbler or water fountain along the way!